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Tanya Hunt, Kevin Robinson, Jannicke Langfeldt, and Michael Robinson excavate the foundation.


Rory Sweeney, John Dewland, Paula Mask, and Becky Morehouse map and discuss a unit.


  Volunteers have contributed nearly 2,000 hours to learning about Sukeek's Cabin Site and Sukeek's descendants under the direction of Kirsti Uunila and Paula Mask.  Many of those hours were spent in painstaking excavation at the site; many more were spent in the laboratory processing artifacts and doing research.



              John Dewland and Paula Mask                                        Kirsti Uunila maps an iron stove part. 

                      excavating at the site.                    


Volunteers Screening Artifacts



              Derek Gray and Rochelle Brame                             Kirsti Uunila, Adam and Dennis Duke.

     The Public Archaeology program at JPPM provides opportunities for the public to do and learn about archaeology, and to learn about Calvert County and regional history at the same time.  

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