Exhibit Barn

Closeup of front doors to the Exhibit Barn.JPPM's Exhibit Barn is open 12:00 - 4:00 PM every Tuesday.
Additional times can be requested at the Visitor Center or by calling to schedule a tour.  Please call 410-586-8501 or email jefpat@maryland.gov for more information.
JPPM’s newest addition to the  Exhibit Barn, FARMERS, PATRIOTS, and TRAITORS: Southern Maryland and the War of 1812, combines informative panels with exciting artifacts and images that help bring the exhibit to life.

FARMERS, PATRIOTS and TRAITORS: Southern Maryland and the War of 1812

Imagine foreign troops have invaded your community. Some say that these troops have no business being here, but others are helping them by serving as spies or navigators—whether because they believe in their cause or because they are afraid, it is difficult to say. What would you do? Fight them in hopes of keeping your farm and family intact? Join them and pray that you have chosen the winning side?  Jefferson Patterson Park & Museum’s new exhibit, "FARMERS, PATRIOTS and TRAITORS: Southern Maryland and the War of 1812" forces visitors to ask themselves these questions, while learning about a conflict that is so important to Maryland’s history.

Large room showing panels of War of 1812 Images and historical information.

Antique Farm Equipment

Farm equipment on display in the Exhibit Barn was used on Point Farm, or donated by local farmers and early supporters of JPPM. Farming practices in Calvert County in terms of crops and technology are represented by the equipment shown. Represented in the displays are equipment used for growing, cultivating, and harvesting tobacco, corn, wheat, and vegetable produce for use on the farm. Also represented are pieces of equipment which convert power from either horses, steam, or gas engines by means of large belts to run equipment like saws, grain mills, or threshers. Future exhibits will interpret farm life in southern Maryland.

Image of various peices of antique farm equipment.Side view of antique steam engine tractor with a young man driving it.