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Detail of back of stock, showing graved channels used for the wire drawn bristle attachment.

Site: 18BC139 Bull's Head Tavern

Context: Feature 9 Privy (first half 19th century), Lot 339

Mean Date Range: 1881-1894

Date Range based on type: 1865-1920

Mattick (2010) Type: Indeterminate

Description:This brush may not have served as a toothbrush. Two holes in the row of holes closest to the scale still contain bristles.  Traces of copper alloy from the wire used to fasten the bristles is apparent inside the channels on the back of the brush. Note how the bristle holes are not evenly spaced suggesting that they were drilled with a bow drill, used from c. 1780 to c. 1874 (Mattick 2010:10)

Cranking: Very slightly convex

Bristle Attachment: Wire drawn

Stock shape:

Handle: Flat oval handle