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Site: 18PR175 Oxon Hill/Addison

Context: Lot 9531, Feature 329, Layer R. Passageway leading to a storage cellar/ militia arms warehouse from a late 17th-century structure that burned down in the 1730s.

Site Date Range: c. 1689-1730s

Metal: Copper alloy bosses on iron curb bit

Boss Length (including tabs): 2.1” (5.4 cm)

Boss Diameter: 1.4” (3.6 cm)

Boss Height (dome top to back): 0.5” (1.4 cm)

Description: These two bridle bosses have a plain dome shape with one concentric circle about ¼” from the rim, a nipple at center, and rounded rivet tabs (Cross-section Type II). The bosses are attached to a jointed mouth curb bit with iron rivets. This example shows how the bosses cover the intersection of the mouthpiece and bit.