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18PR510 – Willow Grove
         Late 18th- to late 20th-century plantation

Date Range: Late 18th- to late 20th-century


Style: Commercial

Oval seal on light green glass, stamped Huile d’Olive/Wm  M Maynadier/Baltimore/Extra …. Fine

Maynadier was a merchant in the 400 block of North Calvert Street, listed in late 19th  - and early 20th century Baltimore business directories (listed as early as 1887 and as late as 1908).

This seal was recovered from the excavation of the meat house at this late 18th to late 20th-century plantation.  The meat house appeared to have been constructed in the 18th century and in use up until the late 20th century. The meat house may have been
re-used as a dwelling.