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Site: 18CV60 Angelica Knoll

Context: N/A (See Site Summary)

Context Date Range: c. 1650-1770

Metal: Silver

Maker’s Mark: None visible

Description: This appears to be a silver bodkin that has broken at the end, thereby losing its eye(s). The end is somewhat rough from a break, but it is also worn, indicating that the bodkin continued in use after it broke. As a silver object, it makes sense that it would not have just been discarded. It may have continued in use as an awl for eyelet work, a stiletto for pulling out large stitches, or a hairpin. Also, cords still may have been pulled through garments with the tool if they were tied to catch on the shoulders that meet the squared end. The squared end has a central impression that is either decorative, or an attempt to make another hole.

Inscriptions: Further evidence of re-use of the object is seen in the two sets of initials. An “SH” appears near the blunt end, but these initials are somewhat obscured by irregular stippling, as if someone either tried to cover the initials or was trying to pound another hole through the end. A second, apparently unfinished set of initials appears on the other side of the bodkin closer to the center of its length right where it is currently bent. It is possible that the bodkin bent when the attempt was made to add these initials and it was finally discarded at that time. The marks, shown at left under microscopy, appear to be a diagonal slash, and either an “M” or a “W” depending on the orientation of the bodkin.