Engined Turned

Federal Reserve (18BC27)
Privy Feature 26

Ruth Saloon (18BC79)
Brick-lined privy (Feature R-5)
c. 1829-1837

Bowl with inlaid rouletting.



Bull's Head Tavern (18BC139)
Privy Feature 9
c. 1800 -1830

Engine turning on common-shape bowl.
Green-glazed rilling or reeding.


Possible chainband pattern on pearlware jug.

All vessels shown below are from Private collections.

Pearlware barrel form jug. Pattern cut through slip
bands with two different knives between bands
of green glazed herringbone and beads rouletting.
c. 1820. 6.5 inches in height.


Pint mug. One of the most common engine
turned inlay patterns. Probably Wood & Caldwell,
Burslem, Staffordshire, 1790 - 1818.
5 inches in height.


Pint mug. "Blind" engine-turning using a curved blade
with crown cam and no slip inlay. 5 inches in height.


Pearlware salt with engine turned pattern and green
glazed rilling or reeding. 1.5 inches in height.


Pint mug. Impressed mark Wood & Caldwell. Inlays in two colors.
A 1797 invoice of this firm includes the terms Brick, Chainband, Bastile,
Mocoa, and Fr. Fray, plain.
I believe the first three to be engine-turned
or rouletted pattern names. The rouletted pattern on this mug may
be the chain band referenced. 5 inches in height.