Gray-bodied salt glaze stoneware ovoid jugs  with applied (sprigged) motifs with cobalt blue painted under the glaze.  Cordoned necks and bases and masks on jug necks.Vessel on left, with an applied human face mask is from the outbuilding at Smith's Ordinary and vessel dates c. 1680s. Vessel Number:  ST1-13-2434G/AA; Vessel on right, with applied lion face mask, is from the St. John’s Site and also dates to the 1680s.  Vessel Number: 18ST1-23-30.  Vessel has been partially restored.  Vessel heights: 7.75” (left) and 8.88” (right). Photo courtesy of Historic St. Mary's City, St. Mary's City, MD.

18ST1-23 Smith’s Ordinary
/ 18ST1-13  St. John’s