Patterson Center

The Colonial Revival movement is the most popular, long-lasting, and widespread expression of identity in American arts and culture. The peak of popularity was between 1880 and 1940, and Mr. Patterson embraced the style when he decided to build a home on his farm in Southern Maryland. The home designed for him by Gertrude Sawyer is a striking example of the Colonial Revival, with beautiful architectural details such as the formal entry with pillars and decorative glass side lights and fanlight.  The dormers give depth to the façade and the side porch is a refreshing retreat on a hot day.  The interior is graceful with classic details in the door trims and moldings. Furnished with colonial and classic French furniture, the home is comfortable and welcoming.  The majority of the furniture and accessories were purchased for the home in the 1930s.

Aerial image of the Marlyand Archaeological Conservation Laboratory at JPPM.

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