Curator's Choice Archives

Curator’s Choice is a monthly series that highlights a significant or unusual artifact chosen from the MAC Lab collections by our staff. We are archiving previous selections so that you can see what is “behind-the-scenes” at the MAC Lab. We hope you enjoy learning about this month’s distinctive artifact, and we welcome any additional insight you can provide us about the objects.

Come back and discover what piece of the past we have to share with you next month!

2008 Curator's Choice 2009 Curator's Choice

Jan 2008 - Modified Cowrie Shell, by Patrica Samford

Feb 2008 - Tam O'Shanter Jug, by Patricia Samford

Mar 2008 - Inscribed “SS” Bodkin, by Sara Rivers Cofield

Apr 2008 - Columbus Paddle Wheel, by Kathy Concannon

May 2008 - Triangular Bit Smoking Pipe, by Edward Chaney

Jun 2008 - Decorated Bone Pin, by Rebecca Morehouse

Jul 2008 - The CSS Alabama Dishes, by Caitlin Shaffer

Aug 2008 - Rebecca Addison's Silver Thimble, by Sara Rivers Cofield

Sep 2008 - Writing Slate, by Patricia Samford

Oct 2008 - Jamestown Project, by Kenya Brown Fusciello

Nov 2008 - Friderich Emich Medallion, by Erin Wingfield

Dec 2008 - Popes Creek Pottery Vessels, by Edward Chaney

Jan 2009 - A Model 1855 Bayonet, by Gareth McNair-Lewis

Feb 2009 - Saint Benedict Medal, by Erin Wingfield

Mar 2009 - Horne Point Fireback, by Nichole Doub

Apr 2009 - Artifact of An Archaeologist, by Erin Wingfield

May 2009 - Civil War Canteen, by Nancy S. Shippen

Jun 2009 - Copper Points from Posey Site, by Sara Rivers Cofield

Jul 2009 - Smith/St.Leonard Chafing Dish, by Alex Glass

Aug 2009 - Witch Bottle, by Rebecca Morehouse

Sep 2009 - Havre de Grace Cannon, by Caitlin Shaffer

Oct 2009 - Bannerstones, by Edward Chaney

Nov 2009 - B & O Railroad Plate, by Patricia Samford

Dec 2009 - A Colonial Collection of Native Am. Artifacts, by Sami Allen

2010 Curator's Choice 2011 Curator's Choice

Jan 2010 - Rachel Was Here, by Annette Cook

Feb 2010 - Fake Treasure, by Nichole Doub

Mar 2010 - The Cost of a Pretty Penny, by Kenya Brown Fusciello

Apr 2010 - The Easter Egg Cache, by Sara Rivers Cofield

May 2010 - A Carved Bone Figure, by Dennis C. Curry and Maureen Kavanagh

Jun 2010 - It's All in The Details-Regimental Buttons from Valley Forge, by Nancy S. Shippen

Jul 2010 - Pierced Silver Coin, by Alex Glass

Aug 2010 - Flintlock Gun Part, by Annette Cook

Sep 2010 - Pattens, by Patricia Samford

Oct 2010 - A "Wellth" of History, by Sami Allen

Nov 2010 - Flintlock Pistol's Grotesque Butt Cap, by Kelly Cooper

Dec 2010 - Sacred Silver: A Cross-Shaped Reliquary Pendant, by Sara Rivers Cofield

Jan 2011 - Native American Gaming Stones, by Rebecca Morehouse

Feb 2011 - No new Curator's Choice

Mar 2011 - The Real Reason Maryland Fans Hate Duke, by Edward Chaney

Apr 2011 - Native American Effigies, by Erin Wingfield

May 2011 - Ivory and Silver Walking Stick Handle, by Patricia Samford

Jun 2011 - The Harquebus Barrel, by Nancy S. Shippen

Jul 2011 - An Accokeek Pot, by Caitlin Shaffer

Aug 2011 - An Apothecary Weight, by Alex Glass

Sep 2011 - Holey Molar!, by Annette Cook

Oct 2011 - Signed, Sealed, Delivered, by Nichole Doub

Nov 2011 - Dazzling Duds-Metal Thread in the 17th-C., by Sara Rivers Cofield

Dec 2011 - Timekeeping in the 18th Century, by Rebecca Morehouse

2012 Curator's Choice 2013 Curator's Choice

Jan 2012 - Much Ado About Asphalt, by Edward Chaney

Feb 2012 - The Inkhorn, by Patricia Samford

Mar 2012 - The Smith's-St. Leonard Fan, by Alex Glass

Apr 2012 - Natural Approaches To Pest Mgmt., by Erin Wingfield

May 2012 - Baltimore Rockingham Hunt Pitcher, by Patricia Samford

Jun 2012 - Camden Yards Piano Baby, by Patricia Samford

Jul 2012 - A Colonial Side Saddle, by Sara Rivers Cofield

Aug 2012 - The Mystery of Lake George, by Sharon Osofsky

Sep 2012 - The Personal Touch, by Annette Cook

Oct 2012 - The Disturbing History of Dentures, by Erin Wingfield

Nov 2012 - Anyone for a Game of Ring Taw?, by Patricia Samford

Dec 2012 - The Bond Street German Jeton, and a Very Brief History of Funny Money, by Heather Rardin

Jan 2013 - "Buttons to Trim the Coat in the Manner I Wish It to Be", by Caitlin Shaffer

Feb 2013 - Who Bit the Bullet?: Let Slip the Pigs of War!, by Edward Chaney

Mar 2013 - Erin Go Bragh! “Home Rule” Tobacco Pipes and Ireland'sStruggle for Independence, by Rebecca Morehouse

Apr 2013 - Peas, Beans, Corn and Wheat, by Alex Glass

May 2013 - Go Figure!, by Nichole Doub

Jun 2013 - Mysterious Lead Objects from Smith St. Leonard, by Annette Cook

Jul 2013 - Fourth of July for the Harmonica, by Virginie Ternisien

Aug 2013 - Use A Bottle, Save a Breast!, by Makenli Essert

Sep 2013 - Take a Closer Look at this 18th-Century Needle Case Telescope, by Sara Rivers Cofield

Oct 2013 - Murder in Maryland: "Devills" Masquerading as Colonial Gentlemen, by Erin Wingfield

Nov 2013 - Punch-Decorated Door Latch Bar from Smith St. Leonard Site, by Gareth McNair-Lewis

Dec 2013 - The Line of Sight: A Brief History of Eyeglasses, by Christy Nisbet


2014 Curator's Choice 2015 Curator's Choice

Jan 2014 - A Humans Best - and Oldest - Friend, by Rebecca Morehouse

Feb 2014 - The Rise of Balloon Flight, by Caitlin Shaffer

Mar 2014 - Wear For My Sake - A Mourning Ring Fragment from Smiths St. Leonard, by Alex Glass

Apr 2014 - Snake Oil and Magic Potions: Fooling the Public with Cure-alls and Quackery, by Erin Wingfield

May 2014 - Bavarian Black Buttons, by Sara Rivers Cofield

Jun 2014 - Tool Check Tag, by Patricia Samford

Jul 2014 - Maryland’s Oil Fields, by Nichole Doub

Aug 2014 - The Allure of French Perfume, by Patricia Samford

Sep 2014 - The Rise and Fall of the Green Fairy, by Annette Cook

Oct 2014 - Some Objects Lead an Interesting Life: A Tale of Dr. Samuel Mudd’s Tea and Coffee Service, by Francis Lukezic

Nov 2014 - Iron Draw Knife from the Jackson Homestead (18MO609), by Gareth McNair-Lewis

Dec 2014 - I LOVE Your Hair!, by Edward Chaney


Jan 2015 - The Buckle Generic, by Sara Rivers Cofield

Feb 2015 - Evidence Of An African Instrument In Colonial
Maryland?, by Rebecca Morehouse

Mar 2015 - Just Say No To Natty Bo - A Temperance Society Teacup, by Patricia Samford and Teresa Piovesan

Apr 2015 - The Badge of a US Cavalry Officer, by Nichole Doub

May 2015 - Smoking in Life and in the Hereafter: A Chinese Water Pipe from Deadwood, SD, by Francis Lukezic

Jun 2015 - Buying Local: 18th-century Chesapeake Stoneware, by Alex Glass

Jul 2015 - Remembering the Maine, by Patricia Samford

Aug 2015 - The Perfect Dose, by Isaiah Johnson

Sep 2015 - Lessons for Children, by Madison Pearson

Oct 2015 - The Mystery of Stiegel-Type Glassware, by Erin Wingfield

Nov 2015 - A Pewter Spoon from the Smith St. Leonard Site, by Gareth McNair-Lewis

Dec 2015 - Ice Skating Through the Ages, by Caitlin Shaffer


2016 Curator's Choice 2017 Curator's Choice

Jan 2016 - Roast Turkey; Seventeenth-Century Style, by Patricia Samford

Feb 2016 - A Campaign Button of the 18th-Century (Or was it?), by Sara Rivers Cofield

Mar 2016 - Carlyle Warehouse, by Nichole Doub

Apr 2016 - Scripture in Iron: Pennsylvania German Stove Plates from Antietam Furnace by, Rebecca Morehouse

May 2016 - Functional and Stylish: A Cast Iron Franklin Stove from Catoctin Iron Furnace, by Francis Lukezic

Jun 2016 - Archaeological Evidence of Formal Gardens Found at the Belair Mansion in Bowie, MD, by Alex Glass

Jul 2016 - Passion Subdued by Reason, by Patricia Samford

Aug 2016 - The Acteon Carronade, by Caitlin Shaffer

Sep 2016 - A Day at the Beach -Ruby Stained Souvenir Glassware, by Erin Wingfield

Oct 2016 - Ghostly Glass-Uranium Glass, by Annette Cook

Nov 2016 - A US 1828 pattern  Bayonet Scabbard Belt Plate, by Gareth McNair-Lewis

Dec 2016 - Candle In The Wind (Or Actually, In The Ground), by By Edward Chaney and Alexandra Glass

Jan 2017 - Taking the discipline at St. Inigoes Plantation-A Cilice from Priest’s Point by, Laura E. Masur

Feb 2017 - Under the Microscope: A Nineteenth-Century Flea Glass, by Patricia Samford

Mar 2017 - Pop Culture, Nineteenth-Century Style:The Lady of the Lake, by Patricia Samford

Apr 2017 - A Fishy Find, by Francis Lukezic

May 2017 - A "Whale of a Well-Shaped Waist, 19th-Century Style, by Patricia Samford

Jun 2017 - Pig Iron Bar with Runners from Antietam Furnace Iron Works, by Gareth McNair-Lewis

Jul 2017 - Cock Your Hat - Angles are Attitudes, by Nichole Doub

Aug 2017 - Smelling Sweet, Mid-19th-Century Style, by Richie Diguiseppe and Dalton Woody of Huntingtown High School Archaeology Club

Sep 2017 - Bald Friar Petroglyphs- Maryland’s Forgotten Rock Art, by Julie Flynn

Oct 2017 - Forget Me Not Mustache Cup, by Patricia Samford

Nov 2017 - The Carroll “Dynasty” and the Mysterious “Falcon Crest” Fork , by Sara Rivers Cofield

Dec 2017 - Not Just Another Marginal Artifact, by Ed Chaney


2018 Curator's Choice 2019 Curator's Choice

Jan 2018 - Spill Vase, by Patricia Samford

Feb 2018 - A Taste for Classicism, by Seth Williams, HHS

Mar 2018 - Stumbling Upon a Storage Chest, by Sara Rivers Cofield

Apr 2018 - Toy Soldiers on Parade, by Francis Lukezic

May 2018 - Clothed in Splendor: Mass-Produced Coffin Hardware of the 19th Century, by Mari Hagemeyer

Jun 2018 - A Bone Sewing Stiletto, by Patricia Samford

Jul 2018 - Bennington Parian: A Look at Exquisite Craftsmanship, by Sara Franklin

Aug 2018 - The Curious Inner Lives of Cannons, by Heather Rardin

Sep 2018 - Whale Oil Lamp, by Patricia Samford

Oct 2018 - Perpetual Calendar, by Nichole Doub

Nov 2018 - The Junior G-Man Badge, by Gareth McNair-Lewis

Dec 2018 - You Never Know What You're Going To Find, by Ed Chaney

Jan 2019 - Culinary Bottle, by Patricia Samford

Feb 2019 - Dredging Up the Past: Evidence of an Early 17th-century Trading Post on Maryland's Eastern Shore, by Rebecca Morehouse

Mar 2019 - A Tisket, a Tasket, a Beaded Wire Basket, by Sara Rivers Cofield

Apr 2019 - Fish in a Barrel, by Monica Kitner

May 2019 - Blades of Glory, by Edward Chaney

Jun 2019 - Driving Through History in Deadwood, South Dakota, by Francis Lukezic

Jul 2019 - Button Rings and Other Things, by Sara Rivers Cofield